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Commit to your goals

April 18, 2017


Our road of life includes challenges. There are some expected and some unexpected ones. Challenges help us to bring to light undiscovered potential in ourselves and overcome psychological barriers. Challenges are opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


Today, I want to share with you some tips to face challenges related to your professional development.


  1. Do Some Planning: Ask yourself what you want to achieve now and how long will it take. Do you want to reinvent yourself? Do you want to start a business the next year? Do you want to be considered for a management position in your company? What type of position you seek? What are the requirements for the position? Would you need a license for your job? Start with a short list, Prepare a plan and set a time limit for each goal.  


  2. Learn to Use Your Willpower and Discipline: Be consistent. As human beings, we tend to give up easily, resist changes, and divert our attention to other projects. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. At this point, it's important that you stay on the path to your goals, even if adjustment are needed.


Finally, see every opportunity as something positive, as a new experience that will help you meet your professional goals. Overcoming challenges will make you happier and will unleash that hidden potential that will help you achieve what you have set your mind to.






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