Standing Up for a Balanced Life

Nowadays, work demands, stress, accessibility through technology, fear of losing a job, or not passing up opportunities can make the pursuit of a healthy balanced life seem an impossible goal. However, we need to do some introspection, examine our own health, thoughts and feelings to be able to create a balance. I want to share with you some ideas on how to create work-life balance while achieving your goals.

But how is possible to really achieve work-life balance? Work-life balance depends on your priorities and what makes you HAPPY. Comply with your responsibilities and enjoy your work, while taking time to make your family, friends and yourself happy. I believe we can create our own work-life balance depending on our circumstances, priorities and life events.

  • Get organized and make changes: The more demands you have, the more organization you’ll require. If you have kids, when you get home from work, make time for your kids. UNPLUG from everything else. Set aside special time to connect with your children especially during the weekends. Remember, time goes by too fast. CONNECT with friends and partner/significant other. Check your calendar and schedule a call or a lunch with your friends once in awhile, or a coffee after dropping your kids off at school. If you're married or have a romantic partner, set a date night to go to the movies, have a nice relaxing time together. CHANGE As for YOU, decide to start a new workout routine or enroll in dance or art classes, meditate. Do something for YOURSELF.

  • Set priorities: There may be times when your priority is your work and others when your focus is your kids or your physical/mental health. When you work, you must learn to delegate tasks and build strong networks, support groups, with people who will provide you guidance. Coworkers, friends, and relatives suddenly become a mini-organization. Today's technology can be an amazing resource. It provides flexible access to receive and send emails from your smartphone or laptop, and work from home if your company allows it.

Creating a balance life will improve your health, relationships and happiness.

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