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Start Your Engine & Head Up To Success

November 22, 2016


Recently, I was asked what or whom is the biggest inspiration in my life. As one gets to certain stages in life most probably we’ve been inspired by many. During my youth, I had a quite a few role models, some great teachers, whose life stories I relished. My grandparents came from Cuba leaving their life, businesses, home and valuables.

A new start awaited... in a different country without a dime, and kids to support. These circumstances were not chosen but yet without hesitation the risk was taken to move forward an d pursue a better life for the family. Their journey to success: commitment to overcome challenges, to be humble and forever grateful for those who opened doors and last but not least to overlook rising opportunities. I am extremely proud of my grandparents for their success, the love and time dedicated to our family and the memorable and timeless heirlooms of wisdom.


I’ve seen that sacrifice does pay off, hard work, specially achieving a small wins or goals, give you satisfaction and motivation to go on. Get inspired and believe in yourself. We not only work to live, but to outperform with passion and truly enjoy it.

I believe this is one of the lessons learned as we get older.  It’s your moment in life, cherish it. Start your engine, begin the race, and head up to the finish line of success!!!   

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